Ministry of Defence Organisation

Minister of Defence, Mrs. Olta Xhaçka
Deputy Minister of Defence
Deputy Minister of Defence
Cabinet of Defence Minister
Directorate of General Inspection and Anti-Corruption
Secretery General, Mr. Arian Kraja
  Directorate of Defence Strategic Planning:
  Directorate of NATO, EU and Foreign Relations
  Directorate of Strategic Policy
  General Directorate of NATO Standards and Modernization:
  Directorate of Standards and Modernization
  Directorate of Automation and Innovation
  Directorate of Auctions and Procurements
  Directorate of Education and Military Social Care
  General Directorate of Support Services:
  Directorate of Human Resources and Personnel Development
  Directorate of Legislation
  Directorate of Services Management
  Directorate of Asset Management
  Directorate of Finance
  Directorate of Internal Audit
  Drejtoria e Inspektimit të Përgjithshëm dhe Antikorrupsionit
  Protocol Sector
  Subordinate Structures
    State Export Control Authority (AKSHE)
    Military Export Import Company (MEICO)
    Center of Culture, Media and Defence Publications (QKMBM)
    Interinstitutional Marine Operations Center (QNOD)
    Defence Intelligence and Security Agency  (DISA)



Interview with General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee 15 September 2017Interview with General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee for Albanian Military Magazine.
Minister Kodheli official visit to USA 27-31 October 2014Minister Kodheli held an official visit to the United States of America invited by the U.S. Secretary of Defence, Mr. Chuck Hagel.
Comprehensive Regional Ministerial 14-16 October 2014Comprehensive Regional Ministerial was held in Budva, Montenegro: Harmonization of Cooperation on Defence and Security in the region...
Valued member of the North Atlantic Alliance 4-5 September 2014On Thursday, September 4, in Wales began the two-day NATO Summit. The summit was attended by the delegations of 28 member countries...
Minister Kodheli visit to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) 26 May 2014Minister Kodheli: Albania, a step forward in our commitment to NATO...
NATO Defence Ministers meetings in Brussels 26 - 27 February 2014Minister Kodheli attended NATO Defence Minister meetings and chaired US-Adriatic CHarter (A5) Meeting, held in Brussels...
Armed Forces operation for litter collection February - March 2014Immediately after the decision taken from the inter-ministerial committee to declare the state of emergency for the environment situation, the MoD and GS...
Defence Minister Kodheli official visit to Turkey 12-13 February 2014 Defence Minister Mrs. Mimi Kodheli held an two-day official visit to Turkey, invited by her counterpart, the Minister of Defence of Turkey, Mr. Ismet Yilmaz...
Defence Minister Kodheli official visit to Greece, 14-15 January 2014 14-15 January 2014 Defence Minister Mrs. Mimi Kodheli held on January 14-15 a two-day official visit to Athens, invited by the Minister of Defence of Greece...
NATO Annual Report 2013 27 January 2014Secretary General’s Annual Report sets out priorities to shape 'Future NATO'...
Minister Kodheli at the Comprehensive Regional Ministerial held in Slovenia October 2013The Ministerial included two meetings: US-Adriatic Charter (A5) Ministerial, and SEDM Defence Ministerial...
"Strategic Vision" December 2013Latest magazine "Strategic Vision" issued by the National Centre of Security and Defence...
Strategic Defence Review document 11 April 2013The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania approved the Strategic Defence Review document...
Defence Directive 2014 07 January 2014This directive is the foundation where the plans, working programs and activities of all structures of the MoD of the AF will rely on...
Military Review December 2013Latest issue of "Military Review" magazine, in English language...