Ministry of Defence Organisation

Minister of Defence, Mrs. Olta Xhaçka
Deputy Defence Minister, Mr. Petro Koçi
Deputy Defence Minister
Cabinet of Defence Minister
Directorate of General Inspection
Secretery General,
  Departament of Defence Policies:
  Directorate of NATO and EU Policies
  Directorate of Monitoring and Priority Enforcement
  Directorate of Modernization
  Directorate of Automation and Innovation
  Departament of Defence Regulation and Compliance:
  Directorate of Programming, Standardization and Harmonization of Regulatory Acts
  Directorate of Integration and Coordination of Agreements
  Department of Economic and Support Services:
  Directorate of Finance and Accounting Service
  Directorate of Procurement and Auction
  Directorate of Human Resources and Services
  Directorate of Property and Asset Management
  Directorate of Internal Audit
  Subordinate Structures:
    Military Export Import Company (MEICO)
    Defence Intelligence and Security Agency (AISM)
    Culture, Media and Defence Publications Center as well as AAF Museum (QKMBMMFA)
    Military Representatives
    Institute of Military Infrastructure and Geography
    Interinstitutional Marine Operations Center (QNOD)
    Search and Rescue National Center
     Military Health Inspectorate
     Cypher Directorate
     State Export Control Authority (AKSHE)
     Central Armed Forced Archives



Stoltenberg-Xhaçka meeting during NATO's ministerial, appreciated the Albaniain contribution to peacekeeping missions 14 February 2018Defence Minister Olta Xhaçka held a special meeting with NATO Secretary General...
Albanian patrol boat concludes navy’s first NATO tour 24 November 2017The Albanian Navy’s ALS ORIKU patrol boat on Wednesday (22 November 2017) wrapped up a full year of operations with NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2)...
Albania cleans up war graves after decades of neglect 15 November 2017Albania has launched a nationwide drive to renovate the long-neglected cemeteries of its war dead in the run-up to 29 November...
Military Committee Conference of NATO ChoDs was concluded 17 September 2017NATO Military Committee Conference, which was held for the first time in our country, closes its formal proceedings...
Chiefs of Defence provide direction and guidance on key NATO priorities 17 September 2017General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, opened the Military Committee Conference by thanking Albania...
Opening remarks by Prime Minister Edi Rama's at the start of the NATO Military Committee Conference 16 September 2017It was not until long ago that many of you here were seen as the “very bad guys” in this country. But now times have changed and today you are the “best guys”...
Opening remarks by General Petr Pavel at the start of the NATO Military Committee Conference 16 September 2017The Alliance is grateful for Albania’s contributions to our shared security and your continued involvement in our Mission and Operation...
Interview with General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee 15 September 2017Interview with General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee for Albanian Military Magazine.
The Ushtar Eagle has landed September 2017The UK’s NATO ally Albania hosted over 200 RAF Reserves and Regulars in numerous locations around the country as they trained together developing operational teamwork and friendships on Exercise Ushtar Eagle 17...
Albanian-British Exercise "Soldier Eagle 17" 14 September 2017In the framework of joint training between Armed Forces of Albania and Armed Forces of United Kingdom...
Women at War - 100 years of women on the front line September 2017In a year that sees combat roles within the UK military routinely opened to women, the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force (RAF) are celebrating the centenary of women serving at the forefront of conflict...
NATO Annual Report 2016 13 March 2017Secretary General’s Annual Report sets out priorities to shape 'Future NATO'...
Defence Directive 2017 March 2017The Directive of Defence for the year 2017 bases on the goals of strategic documents for security and defense, and on fundamental documents of NATO and EU...
Join AAF as an active soldier/seaman April 2017AAF requires the recruited personnel to have the highest qualities for serving in the Armed Forces. AAF will recruit professional soldiers with necessary knowledge in accordance with work requirements...