Interinstitutional Maritime Operational Centre

Inter-institutional Maritime Operational Centre (IMOC) is an inter-ministry institution that have to ensure the surveillance of the Albanian maritime space, in order to realize the organization, planning, coordination and direction of the operations on sea, in compliance with the national and international maritime legislation.      
The participating institutions in the IMOC are:

- Ministry of Interior: a 24-hour presence by means of the institutional coordinators and duty officers.

- Ministry of Defence: a 24-hour presence, as well as is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the Surveillance System of the Maritime Space.

- Ministry of Finance: a 24-hour presence through institutional coordinators and duty officers.

- Ministry of Environment, Woods and Water Administration: a 24-hour presence  through institutional coordinators and duty officers.

- Ministry of Public Work, Transport and Telecommunication: coordinating capacity.

- Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumers Protection: coordinating capacity.

- Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youths and Sports: coordinating capacity.

Mission and Duties


IMOC guarantees the management and control of the Albanian maritime borders, life safety on the sea and interaction of the state institution that have responsible and interests within the maritime space.
IMOC is a national institution that guarantees sovereignty and sovereign rights of the Albanian state in the maritime space though an integrated management of national sources of the institutions that are responsible and have interests on the sea.

IMOC coordinates and leads:

- Costal Operations for the control of the maritime border;

- Costal Operations against illegal trafficking;

- Costal Operations  in the war against terrorism;

- Costal Operations against organized crime;

- Search and Rescue Operations, as well as first aid on sea;

- Anti-Pollution Operations;

- Operations to protect fishing;

- Operations to preserve the ecological equilibrium and maritime environment;

- Operations for the protection and well-administration of fishing wealth (etiological bio-measurement);

- Operations for safety on the sea. 


Address:  Plepa, Durrës
Tel/Fax: 052 2 60201
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
IMOC Emergency Call number on 24 hours: 125


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