Defence Intelligence and Security Agency (DISA)

DISA (Defence Intelligence and Security Agency) is an institution organized and operating in a centralized manner, as general directorate at the Ministry of Defence organization hierarchy. It comprises dependent structures in regions where the Armed Forces conduct their activity, at home and abroad, according to areas of responsibilities and interests.

DISA is a public entity directly subordinate to Defence Minister. Its activity is based on Law no. 65/2014 “On Defence Intelligence and Security Agency”. The Agency has its own coat of arms and flag, approved by the Council of Ministers under the proposal of the Defence Minister and it has unit and combat number, as stipulated by the military authorities.

DISA operates in the field of Defence Security, as an active part of the Armed Forces. It supports the Armed Forces in the framework of NATO, EU and UN missions. The Defence Intelligence and Security Agency exercises its competences on activities related to threats or risks that aim to or undermine the fulfilment of the Armed Forces constitutional mission.

The Defence Intelligence and Security Agency is part of the NATO Intelligence Boards, and part of the Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security working groups. It cooperates with its counterpart and partner institutions at home and abroad in areas of mutual interest, signing bilateral and multilateral agreements. The Defence Intelligence and Security Agency, as part of the Ministry of Defence, is a continuation of the Defence Intelligence Agency and Military Intelligence Service.


The Defence Intelligence and Security Agency supports, the Leading and Commanding Authorities of the Armed Forces, and same the Albanian Armed Forces with intelligence on Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security arising from the fulfilment of their constitutional mission.

The principles

The organization and functioning of DISA is based on:
a) The principle of legality;
b) The principle of objectivity and impartiality;
c) The respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms;
d) The principle of political neutrality;
d) The principle of centralized management and control;
f) The principle of interinstitutional cooperation;
e) The protection of classified information, forms and methods of work;
h) The control and supervision of its own activity;

a) processes annual strategic requests for Intelligence;

b) introduces, via Defence Minister, all-source intelligjence  products at strategic level, to the AAF Command Authorities, in accordance with “need to know” principle;

c) introduces, via DISA’s director-general, all- source intelligjence  products at operational level, to other AAF Command Authorities, in accordance with “need to know” principle;

ç) collects, processes, exploits, assess and disseminate data and information as well as introduces, all- source intelligjence  products, to MoD and AAF, related to defence systems, foreign organizations that bore threatening capacity, activities of subjects that might be threatening or damaging the AAF activity;

d) participates at the process of issuing “security clearance  to the civilian and military personnel of MoD and AAF, as well as “industrial security clearance” to subjects interested to have relationships with them;

dh) collects, processes, exploits, assess and disseminate data and information as well as introduces, all-source intelligjence  products, to the MoD, related to terrorism, extremism, espionage, sabotage, diversion, subversion, weapons of mass destruction, cyber and, organized crime threats against defence;

e) produces intelligence product  and disseminates data in the interest of AAF operations and missions abroad;

ë) introduces, intelligence products about the security to the MoD and AAF;

f) exchanges intelligence products, cooperates and conducts joint operations with NATO and EU intelligence counterpart structures and partner institutions in the interest of collective defence;

g) guarantees the safeguard of its activity, personnel, information, infrastructure and the security of the systems for exchanging, transmitting and communicating National or NATO classified information;

gj) contributes with personnel, intelligence and intelligence institutions to the fulfilment of the obligations deriving from being NATO, EU, UN member, or in any other international organizations where Albania adheres or is intended to adhere;

h) organizes and conducts professional education and training for employees of military intelligence agencies  within the educational framework of the MoD and NATO, as well as within the cooperation framework with counterparts and partner institutions;

i) performs other duties within its mission, assigned by DISA’s statute.

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