Ministry of Defence Organisation

Minister of Defence, Mr. Niko Peleshi
Deputy Defence Minister, 
Deputy Defence Minister
Cabinet of Defence Minister
Directorate of General Inspection
Secretery General
  Departament of Defence Policies:
  Directorate of NATO and EU Policies
  Directorate of Monitoring and Priority Enforcement
  Directorate of Modernization
  Directorate of Automation and Innovation
  Departament of Defence Regulation and Compliance:
  Directorate of Programming, Standardization and Harmonization of Regulatory Acts
  Directorate of Integration and Coordination of Agreements
  Department of Economic and Support Services:
  Directorate of Finance and Accounting Service
  Directorate of Procurement and Auction
  Directorate of Human Resources and Services
  Directorate of Property and Asset Management
  Directorate of Internal Audit
  Subordinate Structures:
    Military Export Import Company (MEICO)
    Defence Intelligence and Security Agency (AISM)
    Culture, Media and Defence Publications Center as well as AAF Museum (QKMBMMFA)
    National Civil Protection Agency
    Military Representatives
    Institute of Military Infrastructure and Geography
    Interinstitutional Marine Operations Center (QNOD)
    Search and Rescue National Center
     Military Health Inspectorate
     Cypher Directorate
    General Directorate of State Material Reserves
     State Export Control Authority (AKSHE)
     Central Armed Forced Archives
    Coast Guard



Historic Arrival of Albania’s first UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters January 2024UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters will enable the military to conduct MEDEVAC, SAR, and also fight forest fires and provide support for NATO operations...
Defence Directive 2024 January 2024The leading document on the work, programs, and commitments of the MoD, and the AAF to fulfilling the constitutional mission, as well as the obligations as a NATO member country...
Setting the record straight January 2024De-bunking Russian disinformation on NATO: We will continue to respond to Russian threats and actions in a united and responsible way, it includes also calling out Russia's...
NATO releases first ever quantum strategy January 2024Quantum technologies are getting closer to revolutionizing the world of innovation and can be game-changers for security, including modern warfare...
The Museum of Armed Forces has unveiled its new exhibits and surrounding December 2023The Armed Forces Museum has officially relocated to its new site in Bërzhitë, marked by a impressive inauguration attended by the Defense Minister Niko Peleshi...
Defence Ministerial of the U.S.-Adriatic Charter Initiative November 2023The cooperation of Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina along with the USA is the “Adriatic Charter” Initiative. It's based on the annual cooperation programs in the field of Defence...
The NATO Defence Ministers Meeting in Brussels October 2023The latest NATO Defence Ministers Meeting held...
Albania takes over again the SEEBRIG Command August 2023On the 31- st of August 2023 in Kumanovo, North Macedonia, the COMSEEBRIG handover – takeover took place...
The Secretary General’s Annual Report 2022 21 March 2023The Report includes the results of new polls on the public perception of the Alliance. These demonstrate that, in a year of upheaval, overall support for the NATO Alliance,...
NATO's Strategic Concept March 2022The Strategic Concept reaffirms NATO’s values and purpose, and provides a collective assessment of the security environment; it drives its strategic adaptation and guides the future political and military development,...