MC Poliçan (munition) 

The Mechanical Combine in Poliçan is a state enterprise, established in 1962 in order to accomplish the Albanian Armed Forces demands on armament. In the period 1962-1966 the production line of 7.62x39mm ammunition ("Kalashnikov") was set up, 82 mm mortar ammunition, offensive and defensive grenades, as well as anti-personnel mines. In the period 1970-1972 the anti-tank mine line was installed in the existing building, whereas the 180 mm firework line was placed in a new building. In the period 1977-1985 a deep reconstruction of the machinery and equipment coming from Switzerland and Austria was undertaken, to enable the manufacture of ammunition caliber 12.7x99mm and 14.5x51mm, as well as mortar ammunition with caliber 60, 107 and 120mm. Currently the company produces ammunition of pistol type “Makarov” and “Parabellum” with caliber 19mm. The company has great potential to produce for the civilians, especially iron and steel foundry products. Poliçan Combine has GOST quality system.

For more information visit the official address of MC Poliçan. (

MP Gramsh (ammunition)

Mechanical Plant in Gramsh is a state enterprise. The project work began in 1962 while the Chinese license production began in 1962 with type rifle “Simonov” 7.62 mm caliber. In 1974 the production of automatic AK-47 was installed.

MP Gramsh provides manufacturing services for defense industry with its high precision machines; repairing, heat treatment and enameling of surfaces. The Enterprise quality system is certified with GOST.

EMP Mjekës (explosives)

The Explosive Materials Plant in Mjekës is a state enterprise that has been producing explosives and propellants since 1962. In 1982 began the production of powerful explosives with “BOFORS” license in new and appropriate environments. There are a total of 6 plants located near Elbasan city, located about 50 km away from Tirana. Currently the company produces only dynamite and ammunition to meet the needs of the Albanian mining and exports successfully in Kosovo, as well.

The Enterprise is interested in cooperation with foreign companies in manufacturing and marketing their products, especially in dynamite, ammunition and propellants.  


- dynamite

- ammunition

- black powder

- safety fuses




- Propellants (NG/NC)with single and couple bases

- Nitrocellulose

Recently the company has successfully completed a project for the demilitarization of about 1.3 million anti-personnel mines and hopes to start a new project for the dispose of light ammunition.

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