Defence Directive 2021

The threats and challenges that characterize the current security context are complex and transnational in nature, consequently they are beyond the capabilities of individual countries, but must be addressed through a comprehensive approach and joint actions. The strong Euro-Atlantic perspective that our country has is also reflected in the Defense policy, which looks to NATO, the EU, and partner countries for the pillars of our alliance system, to ensure the security and defense of the country.
The situation caused by COVID-19, changed the lives of Albanian citizens, as well as the economic perspective of the country. It is currently difficult to predict how long the emergency situation will last, and its exact implications for economic and social stability are not yet understood, but it is clear that we will feel its effects for a long time.

Defence Directive for 2021

Defence Directive 2020

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania will develop capacities capable of securing the country`s independence, protection of territorial integrity, assistance to the civilian population, and the constitutional order of the country. Give these constitutional responsibilities, the activity of AAF will be focused on harmonizing and meeting the objectives set out in the strategic documents, unifying and realizing the planning-programming process, meeting the obligations set out in the Capability Objectives (OK), continuing the reform and consolidation of the education system in the field of national defense and security, increasing the level of training of the effective, as well as the accomplishment of the stated contributions to operations.

Defence Directive for 2020

Defence Directive 2019

Main directions for 2019:

1. Assessment of the security environment and its adaptation.
2. Improvement of legal framework,
3. Development and modernization of defense and infrastructure capacities,
4. Motivating staff and increasing professionalism,
5. Continuation of engagements, active role and credibility in international arena,
6. Effectiveness in Civil Emergency Management and Community Assistance,
7. Increase transparency from all structures of the Armed Forces.

Defence Directive 2019 as pdf file

Defence Directive 2017

The Directive of Defence for the year 2017 bases on the goals of strategic documents for security and defense, and on fundamental documents of NATO and EU. Given the challenges and the role of AAF in the future security environment are presented the priorities and directions on which the plans and activities of the structures of the MoD and the Armed Forces are based, such as: increase of professionalism, interoperability and operability of the Armed Forces; the fulfillment of commitments within the framework of the Alliance;  the continuation of transformation, modernization and improvement of the infrastructure of the Armed Forces; the increase of care and support for the military...

Defence Directive 2017 in PDF

Defence Directive 2014

The Directive constitutes the basis on which rely plans and working programs and activities of all the structures of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces to fulfil the constitutional mission, as well as obligations as member country of NATO. This document is a guide, and its implementation imposes responsibilities to the General Staff of the Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence’s staff to coordinate efforts and necessary activities for its fulfilment …

Defence Directive 2014 in PDF

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Defence Directive 2021 January 2021The threats and challenges that characterize the current security context are complex and transnational in nature, consequently they are beyond the capabilities of individual countries,...