The Authority of the State Export Control (AKSHE)

Authority of the State Export Control (AKSHE) is a central institution with legal and public status, under the Minister of Defence, which has its own objective the state control over the export, import, transit, transhipment of military goods and those with dual technological use.

The Military Export Import Company (MEICO)

Military Export Import Company (MEICO) is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Defence. This enterprise was established in 1991 and from that year on, it carries out its activities to meet the needs of the Albanian Armed Forces and other institutions with specific import of military goods, as well as exports of new military goods, the stocks of the Albanian Army and productions of the military industry, too.

Culture, Media and Defence Publications Center as well as AAF Museum

The Center of Culture, Media and Defence Publications as well as AAF Museum is under the administrative and functional Defence Minister. To fulfill its mission and duties in the service of the Armed Forces, the center receives and executes tasks from the Chief of General Staff in case of emergency situations.

The Center of Culture, Media and Defence Publications is composed from the:

Directory of Culture, Media and Defence Publications,

AAF Museum

Inter-Institutional Maritime Operational Center (QNOD)

Inter-Institutional Maritime Operational Center (QNOD) is an interdepartmental institution which is tasked to provide surveillance of Albanian maritime space, to achieve the organization, planning, coordinating, and directing operations at sea, in accordance with national and international maritime legislation.

Defence Intelligence and Security Agency (DISA)

DISA (Defence Intelligence and Security Agency) is an institution organized and operating in a centralized manner, as general directorate at the Ministry of Defence organization hierarchy. It comprises/includes dependent/subordinate structures in regions where the Armed Forces conduct their activity, at home and abroad, according to areas of responsibilities and interests.

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