Military Journal December 2022

mj1222First Rubric
Analyses, assessments, syntheses in the domain of national, regional,and global defense and security 

Second Rubric
Innovative development, new synergy in the domain of military capabilities 

Third Rubric
Historical studies

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Military Review December 2013

Main Articles
1. National security and contribution to global security.
2. Incarnation of Strategic Partnership with USA in NATO Front.
3. National Security Policy for the Review of the Strategic Defence.
4. Leadership is built upon trust and trust is built upon honour.

Section I: Security Analysis and Assessments.
Section II: Research papers.
Section III: Historical Studies.

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Military Review January 2013

1. Defence Directive 2013

2. Challenges of the Armed Forces in 100 Years of the Albanian State

3. Albanian space protection, up to the Declaration of Independence

4. Development of the Albanian military thought in 1912-2012

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Military Review June 2012

1. On the Process Strategy of “Smart Defence”
2. Albanian Armed Forces and Smart Defence
3. Smart defence-innovative approach in facing the present security challenges
4. “Smart Defense” A Smart Approach for the Balkan Region

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Military Review December 2011

1. Section One: “Smart Defence”
2. Section Two: Strategic Defence Review
3. Section Three: Professional Force And Its Challenges
4. Section Four: Security Analysis And Assessment
5. Section Five: History Studies
6. Section Six: New Research Talents
7. Section Seven: Contemporary Researchers On Security

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Defence Directive 2022 February 2022The leading document on the work, programs, and commitments of the MoD, and the AAF to fulfilling the constitutional mission, as well as the obligations as a NATO member country...