Action Plan for the disposal of ammunition in 2014

Pursuant to the Defence Directive for 2014, the Working Group drafted and approved the Action Plan for the disposal and alienation of surplus ammunition and not needed by the Table of Organization and Personnel (TOP) of the Armed Forces in 2014.

Pursuant to this plan, the military factories, the Centre for the Disposal of Munitions and Explosives, MEICO, will complete the full alienation of all surplus ammunition, available from the Armed Forces.

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Disposal graph

The following graph shows the amount of ammunition disposed in the last five years:

Projects and Donators

The Council of Ministers has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with NATO Agency (NAMSA) for demilitarization of ammunition, the project is supported by the USA with a fund of 10 millions USD.
The demilitarization of ammunition has also been supported by other countries as Germany, Denmark, OSCE, as well as other countries and organizations.
The Ministry of Defence has signed a MOU with the United Nations Development Program for the control and clearing the areas contaminated by unexploded ammunition (HOT SPOTS), and shooting ranges at the end of the demolition process of ammunition by AF.
In October 2011, MoD organized the International Conference on Ammunition Demilitarization with the participation of ambassadors of NATO, EU, and partner countries.

Demolition of ammunition for 2011

In fulfilment to the Implementation Plan to demolish excess ammunition in AF, the Ammunition Demolition Board’s main objectives in 2011 were:

- Demolition of 25,000 tons of ammunition.
- Reduction of 5 ammunition depot groups of high priority.
- Augmentation of sales of ammunition and explosives.

In compliance with the objectives for 2011 and undertaken commitment were demolished in plants, shooting ranges, and sold and exported 26,500 tons of ammunition, and specifically:

- 11,487 tons of ammunition were disposed in shooting ranges.
- 12,780 tons of ammunition were demilitirazed in plants.
- 2,203 tons were sold and exported.

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Demolition Process during 2012

The Ammunition Demolition Board has set up the Work Group to review the Action Plan for 2012.
According the assessment conducted by AAF General Staff, it comes out that remain to be demolished during 2012 around 38,000 tons of ammunition, which are planned to be demolished in plants, shooting ranges, and a good part of it to be sold and exported.

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